DEAKIN  |  SCCA 2021

Lambrini Niaros

Mask Up / Home (2021)

Mask Up / Home (2021) is an expressionist commentary on the collective experience of the pandemic. 

Remnants of nature are preserved in resin seemingly floating above five wooden panels. Separating the individual panels in this series physicalises the phenomenon of social distancing.

Dirt, leaves and flowers are some of the ingredients used to create natural pigments that play the subject in each piece. The blue pigment that appears in the series was created and colour-matched using a photograph of the blue medical-grade masks that have become a symbol of the Covid-19 pandemic. As you move through the series, the interruption of the blue pigment making its way through nature represents the slow and sure increase of mask mandates across the country. The artworks show increasingly less unique sections of nature to signify the constant adjustment to the new-normal. As medical-grade masks have become embedded into our everyday, they too have become embedded into nature and littered our backyards.  

The consumption and disposal of medical-grade masks is another reminder of the overwhelming impact that humanity’s preference for convenience is. The image of a littered mask epitomises the momentary sense of safety and security that they bring us, while our underlying sense of overwhelm and crisis remains, spreading within as if it were the true virus.

Mask Up / Home (2021)
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